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The Art of Creating your Dream

They say patisserie is all about science and precision. We agree; a sharp eye and a cool hand are all important for a baker. But we believe it’s the soul, the connection between the pâtissier and her batter mixture that differentiates a nice enough cake from the one that, well, makes one’s heart smile.

Victoria, the hands and soul behind London Cakes and Bakes, realised this crucial ingredient from the start of her baking journey.

Trained at Le Cordon Bleu London, Vita honed her skills as a patisserie chef at the iconic Wolseley and at the Café Royal. Then she polished up how to make cakes look stunning with Peggy Porschen and learnt all about the gluten/dairy/sugar free patisserie at the multi-award winning Free from Bakehouse.

The light bulb moment came while she worked with Yotam Ottolenghi in his Islington branch where she became the Head Pastry Chef. Aha! You can combine fun techniques with flair and visual panache!

After seven years in the industry, Vita was ready to show London that the outside prettiness of a cake can come together with her (we say cake is a she!) inner beauty!

She experimented with and started to apply some of the traditional French patisserie techniques to turn a traditional layered cake into a visual masterpiece that is even more appealing inside.

What about the quality of ingredients?  ‘Made as if for yourself!’ is what they say in Ukraine – where Vita grew up – to denote food that’s made for your own family, not for profit.

So we start by considering the customer’s occasion, then a flavour combination, and only then we factor in the cost of ingredients. We only use seasonal fruits, organic butter, free-range eggs, chocolate from French and Belgian suppliers, and we use absolutely no artificial flavourings. Yes, to us soul means going all the way back to how an ingredient was sown or reared.

So what’s our recipe for a special cake?

We take a generous cup of the most comforting British baking tradition

+ layer in the intricacy and beauty of classic French patisserie

+ add a ladle of seasonal ingredients