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About Us

London Cakes and Bakes is a home-based bakery, registered with the Food and Safety Team of the local council.

We hand-bake homemade cupcakes, muffins, cakes, tarts and other pastries exclusively to order so that you to get exactly what you want. Everything is baked as if we were baking for ourselves.

Think of any occasion – a birthday celebration, wedding, children's party or anniversary. Or no occasion – just indulge in a delicious piece of art made exclusively for you.

Our cupcakes come in both classic versions with ice-frosting, and indulgent variants which are miniature cakes with a heavenly taste. Both versions not only look like an elaborate piece of art but taste equally delicious. They can be decorated according to your desires with hand-made edible decorations which we create ourselves from scratch exclusively to your order.

It is as if you booked a pastry chef who comes to your house, asks what you want, and bakes for you. You have exactly that – just without a stranger wandering around your house making a mess in your kitchen.

We only use the finest ingredients – organic butter, free-range eggs, Fairtrade chocolate and coffee, and no artificial flavourings, only natural ones. This is not to increase the price but to get the best results from the recipe design. It is hard to imagine how much better the taste and aroma is when organic butter is used. You must taste it yourself to understand why we use 72% dark chocolate instead of 40%.

But then, you get exactly what you have paid for.

So, whether you want to have a hundred cupcakes for a celebration or a dozen bespoke cupcakes as a gift or a cake for pure indulgence – just contact us to discuss your dream. There is nothing better in life than a dream come true.

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